Clippers Dance Squad Headed To Reality TV On E!

First it was the lifestyle of wives and girlfriends of professional athletes on display. Now we get to look at the world of professional dance teams in sports. According to Variety E! network has green lit a docu-series on the Los Angeles Clippers dance team, known as the Clippers’ Spirit.

“L.A. Clippers Dance Squad” hails from Mandalay Sports Media, and is slated to premiere in early 2016 on the cable net.

The series will give fans an inside look at what it takes to be a member of the L.A. Clippers dance team, both on and off the court, from hours of auditions and rehearsals to the Staples Center to balancing personal lives and relationships.

Expect to see a player and team exec or two to pop up on the screen also. E! is also home to the hit “Total Divas” which chronicles the lives of the women of the WWE and my new favorite, “WAGS” which debuted last August and has been renewed for season two.

The Clippers are making their case to take over as LA’s favorite NBA franchise as the Lakers struggle through Kobe Bryant’s twilight years.

The whole notion of an NBA dance team started with Los Angeles Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss. Back in the 80’s he created the Laker Girls which was an NBA first. The topic of melding sports and entertainment is one I cover in my book PostGame Pass: access into “the life” available now on Amazon.