Who wants to Meet a BILLIONAIRE

The New owner of the New Jersey Nets is Russian Billionaire, YEAH a BILLIONAIRE; Mikhail Prokhorov. He was featured on 60 Minutes even noting half of his wealth was due to luck, the other 50% was self made. Like Amil said to Ja Rule “Ambition makes me so horny” ::giggles::

Clearly he has the experience and drive to run an NBA franchise and with the Nets currently on a pointless season ending win streak. maybe this plus the news that BROOKLYN is more than Biggie’s dream will help the Nets get back to where they were in the early part of the decade (that would be the NBA finals). The Nets are one of 4 franchises that were available this year in the NBA (Bobcats, Pistons, Warriors being the other 3) not counting the minority interest that was purchased by Chinese investors of the Cavs, the NBA going global is more than just a marketing slogan
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