Was Steve Nash’s Divorce Prompted Because His Wife Cheated With A Teammate?

A few months ago, I discussed the story of Steve Nash filing for divorce from his wife the day after their baby was born. NOW, it appears he may have had a valid reason AND was a partial catalyst for one of the big trades that happened earlier in the season.

Ok, keep up with me. Allegedly when Alejandra Amaralla-that’s Steve’s now ex-wife- gave birth, the baby was of African-American descent. The true identity of the father is alleged to be one of Steve’s former teammates. Initially it was said that Leandro Barbosa-now with the Raptors- was the father (he and Steve were spotted hanging out as recently as March 11th), now the word is it’s Jason Richardson (remember Jason was a part of that huge trade that happened which sent him and a few others to Orlando and also brought Gilbert Areanas to the Magic)

Are you following? Ok, the next twist to this story is that Nash was also indulging in his own side affair with a 22 year old named Brittany Richardson ( no relation to Jason). She’s a cutie too.

Lastly, Alejandra did speak out about the rumors

While my children certainly cannot read about this today, I have to assume these horrible mistruths may someday be shared and therefore I must vehemently defend and protect my children. Matteo was a planned addition to our family. We were both excited to have a little boy. Steve is a committed and loving father to all three of our children, and we continue to focus on their best interests and on providing them supportive and loving home environments. The decision to separate late last August was in no way related to the children, or Matteo’s paternity, said Alejandra Nash.

Teammates involved with significant others isn’t new but with EVERYTHING within reach of our hungry little fingertips, information spills at an alarming pace. Whatever the scenario is, kids are involved and their well being should be the first concern. But WOW what a story if true! Check the pictures below of Leandro, Jason and Brittany.

And you thought Basketball Wives was juicy! :giggles: Anywayzz