Udonis Haslem In the Clear

Marijuana charges against Udonis Haslem have been dropped.  Udonis was stopped last month for speeding and illegal tint violations. During the stop, Udonis consented to a search of his vehicle where 20 grams of Marijuana was discovered. A passenger riding in the car with Udonis immediately claimed the weed was his (the containers were discovered in his luggage which actually had a name tag attached) but UD was arrested anyway.

“They sent the container out for his prints, to see if Haslem’s prints were on the container, they’re not,” Schwartzreich said Thursday. “They’ve got another guy claiming all the marijuana is mine in the beginning and Udonis’ prints are not on the container.”

As I mentioned in my first post on this incident, Miami PD have a curious history with the players of the Miami Heat.  It often appears the officers are over zealous in their actions against the athletes.  Perhaps it’s to appear as if they aren’t giving special treatment based on status.
Now if we can only get UD to let go of those BRAIDS!!! It’s 2010 COME ON!