The UCONN Huskies Defeat Butler To Become The 2011 NCAA Champs

The UCONN Huskies are your 2011 NCAA Champions. The Huskies beat Butler’s Bulldogs, 53-41. This game was a snoozefest. At the end of the first half, Shelvin Mack, who led Butler with 13 points, hit a 3 with less than a second to play in the first half to give the Bulldogs a 22-19 lead.

Greg Anthony (who was commentating along with Greg Gumble, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley) said on CBS that it was the worst half of college basketball he had ever seen. I can’t even say his statement was an exaggeration. Butler set a new NCAA low for a Final Four with an 18.8 shooting percentage (12 for 64). Please no more talk of trying to convince me that the collegiate game is better than the NBA. It’s simply not true.

UConn’s Kemba Walker finished with 16 points.

It’s an odd time for a lot of these guys now that their college careers could possibly be over. With a lockout looming in the NBA, those that aren’t seniors must decide if they’re willing to risk the possibility of taking the leap to the professional level with no assurances that a season will take place. No summer league and no $$$.

But those are worries for another day. Congratulations to the Huskies!