The Pre-Game Meal Featuring Shannon Allen [Video]

Shannon Allen and Husband Celtics Star, Ray Allen

I shared details of Shannon Allen’s new cooking show, The Pre-Game Meal a few weeks ago.  Now here’s a look at what to expect from the show in it’s first season and recipes to look our for like Shannon’s shrimp tacos; her delicious (low-fat, high-fiber, high-protein) turkey chili; her crispy unfried chicken:

Shannon is adorable! I love her voice and enthusiasm. And how cute is it that Ray is the one who taught her to cook! See guys you can find a beautiful woman without cooking skills and turn her into a housewife too! What happened to Ray’s mom though?

Side note, Rajon Rondo would’ve been a Chef had he not made it to the NBA! The Celtics are full of Culinary Kings as Paul Pierce has mentioned he’s a kitchen specialist as well! Very nice!