The Assist: Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian Dine At Devito’s In Miami

My favorite Kardashian flew out to Miami (with brother Rob in tow) to make sure she sparkles courtside for the Lakers match up with the Miami Heat tonight.

Last night the couple dined at Devito’s on south beach – shot a little footage for their upcoming reality show as well, naturally- and then went back to the hotel so Khloe could give her man a massage (her words, she tweeted it!)

Early in the day, Khloe and Rob stopped by the world famous Wet Willies. Be sure to check the picture of the crowd outside below.

Can you say ROCK STAR!

I love her spray tan (she tweeted that too) and entire ensemble for dinner with the hunny. Shoes ARE SICK!! Work Khloe, can’t wait to see what she brings out for the game tonight.