“Teach Me How to Jimmer” – Theme Song For BYU’s Jimmer Fredette [Video]

Even though I don’t watch college ball, I have heard of Jimmer Fredette. He’s the nation’s number one scorer and one of the darlings of the NCAA tournament. His school,  Brigham Young University,  has also managed to become “America’s Team” with their success this season and tough stance that they took with their second best player, Brandon Davies after he violated the school’s moral code earlier this month.

Some fans got together and decided that Jimmer needed a theme song (an a dance) I’m uncertain if this video meets the schools “moral code” but it certainly gave me a few giggles:


Tonight BYU faces up against Florida in the Sweet 16. I wonder if any fans plan to break out signs saying “You ain’t messing with my Jimmer”