Stilettos On The Street: Miami Heat vs. L.A. Lakers

Count me among the few that wasn’t surprised by a Laker lost yesterday. It’s a habit for the Lakers to drop Christmas Day games.  But it does illustrate the larger problem with the Lakers, “The Switch”.

Dallas has gotten better, the Spurs have quietly reloaded. The Heat, Celtics and Magic made moves specifically to counter the Lakers depth and height. I want a 3peat Lake Show. While 25-9 isn’t cause to hit the panic button, if the way some of losses have come (especially last night) hasn’t got your attention, you could be headed for the shortest season in the last 4 years.

But oh well, let’s look at celebs and cute outfits from the game!!

Snoop Dogg

I love seeing Uncle Snoop at the Laker games, Cameron Diaz was in attendance as well, they both went to Long Beach Poly. I wonder if they hung out in high school?

Charlize Theron

Pat Riley

I LOVE Pat Riley. I have since he coached the Lakers. Umm is that a Kardashian he’s charming?

Yeezy Taught me! ::giggles::

Will I Am rocking a Murse… But quite the coup sitting next to Dr. Patrick Soong-Shiong (He’s the guy that bought Magic’s share of the Lakers)


Khloe with her step kids. Christmas IS about family!

DWade’s Boo Gabby

Chris Bosh’s fiance’ Adrienne also made the trip out from Miami. I’m SO not mad her.

I adore Jeremy Piven. And he’s a diehard Lakers’ fan

Kanye and Shannon Brown’s Boo, Monica

Is that Vince Young back there? I guess he didn’t have any place to be today right?

Dr Dre is ALWAYS in a thermal since he Beefed up. Ick