Stilettos On The Street: Lil Wayne, Vanessa Bryant, David Beckham And More At Lakers vs. Hornets Game 2

Game 2 of the Lakers vs. Hornets saw the Lakers make moves to contain Chris Paul by putting the Black Mamba on him. While it’s obvious that Kobe can’t keep up with Chris’ speed, he proved that getting physical with CP3 will slow him down enough to put the pressure on the rest of the team.

Kobe only scored 11 points in the 87-78 victory but that’s not what was required of him. Andrew Bynum was extremely aggressive. It made me proud. The result was the only double-double of the night. Sixth man of the year, Lamar Odom had a solid game and Pau… well let’s just say he NEEDS to stand up for game 3. The “Killah Bees” showed up with the return of Steve Blake and Matt Barnes game.

Dare I say Sunday’s lost may have been good for the Lakers. They have to realize that the rode to 3 in a row is a feat rarely completed because it’s not easy. Being humbled in the playoffs on their home floor was an eye-opener. This is the type of intensity needed to get Championship #3.

Of course the stars were out for game 2. Monica seems to have made a friend of Vanessa Bryant. 2 games in a row of photos with her and a REAL smile on Vanessa’s face. It’s good to see. Of course members of the Kardashian clan were in the house. Two of my “boos” in my head, actor Bradley Cooper (Limitless, The Hangover) and David Beckham. Lil Wayne and Baby were courtside as the I Am Music Tour takes over Staples Center on Friday night. I would like to request that if Baby plans to spend the entire time texting or tweeting he not sit courtside.

Check out who else was in attendance: