Stilettos On The Street: Game 2 NBA Finals Mavs vs. Heat (Celebs Courtside, Fashion & The Best Plays Of The Night)

Game 2 of the finals was intense. The Heat thought they had the game all locked up after going on a 13-0 run with 7:14 left in the 4th quarter (so did I if we’re speaking truthfully) but then the Mavs came charging back in the final minutes of the 4th with a 22-5 run to overthrow the Heat 95-93.

There were some interesting visuals to accompany this game. Chris Bosh’s tongue signal for the lob (I know you didn’t miss it but if you did, I got you), LeBron and DWade’s mini dunkfest and 3 point blitz, Steve Nash and his girlfriend Brittany, The big 3’s post game attire (a little less Miami Vice this time.) No Significant others flicks though.  I think Adrienne isn’t feeling some of the commentary about her fashion selections, but she’s the one in the Marilyn Monroe Heat t-shirt- which I love- and,  your usual courtside celebs.

It is extremely interesting to me that Lil Wayne has worn Lakers gear to each game. A hat to game one and now this t-shirt at Game 2. I guess he’s either really a super Lakers stan or he’s still pissed at Bron for not giving him dap as he sits courtside. :shrug: I’m not mad though, we (meaning the Lakers) shall rise again. As great as the playoffs have been, I’m ok with us taking the year off.