Stilettos On The Street: Celebs Attend Lakers Vs. Hornets

The Lakers took care of the New Orleans Hornets on Sunday night with ease but that didn’t stop the celebs from lighting up Staples Center with their presence. In attendance were your usuals like Jack (no last name required) and Khloe with the E! camera crews for she & Lamar’s show- never mind that Lamar had a pretty bad night.

Also on hand were father-son combos, Tom Cruise and his son Connor (it’s amazing to me how much they look alike even though Connor is adopted) and David Beckham and his son; Vanessa Hudgens, Jeremy Piven and Harvey of TMZ (cause they’re EVERYWHERE). Check the gallery:

This was a potential first round match up with the Lakers currently 2nd in the West and the Hornets in 7th place. YAWN, how boring would that be.