SPOTTED: Courtside All Star 2010

Courtside was obviously the place to be this weekend SPOTTED:

*KD & Shaq… I like the look Kevin
* What is it with Reggie and the socks?? He and Spike are BFF’s now huh
*Dwade at Saturday night’s snooze… Freshman Flash isn’t working for me here
* Jay Z & Diddy same event, same look. ::sad face::
* Kobe & Vanessa… I guess Flash didn’t get the sunglasses memo

 *woooowwwwwww ::in my Flavor Flav voice::

* Jamie Foxx

*Nicki Minaj & Drake. Can we just concede that Drake will always be better on a record. I don’t ever need to see another live performance from him. 
* Gerald Wallace at the Rookie-Sophomore challenge. Ummm he does realize it’s 2010 right? Braids, big jewels??? ICK

* A Craig Sager suit sighting is mandatory. Oh he had pink gators on too

*Yes that is ROYAL blue with LARGE gold paisley. Just WHYYYYYY. The offender, former NBA player Darryl Dawkins
* Ludacris and his girl spent Vday courtside… That’s a hot gift!!

* Jermaine Dupri & Diddy (note the celebrity shades) JD had to put his feet up to touch the wood, of course when your seat reclines makes it that much easier

* Shaq watching the action (it’s ok, the Cavs are hot & Shaq feels slighted Yes 2nd half of the season)

* Guess he’s making plans when it’s in LA next year, still can’t believe the Terminator is my Governor. 
 *Craig’s valentine’s ensemble was downright subdued for him… Yes rhinestones are an understatement in this case!!

* Hi Lala, Hi Gabby!! I’d love to hear that convo