Shaq Is Hacking Into Computers To Destroy Evidence??

The Lawsuits continue to roll in for Shaquille O’Neal. And somehow, no matter the individual suing him, all the suits are some how connected to Shaq’s alleged extra martial affairs. Next up on the list, Shaq’s former personal IT guy, Shawn Darling. Darling is suing O’Neal claiming computer hacking, destroying evidence and planting child pornography on Shawn’s computers to frame him.  Check the details:

  • Shaq used his law enforcement contacts  to obtain restricted information about one of his mistresses, Alexis Miller (aka rapper Mary Jane), while he was involved in a legal battle with her. The lawsuit alleges, that Shaq told Darling Mary Jane had obtained a restraining order but he couldn’t remember what he had sent to her via text and email. He then asked him to retrieve every email and text message that he had sent to her as well as all of his phone records. After getting the information, they performed a “Defense Department type wipe of Shaq’s computer” and then threw the computer in a lake in the back of his home. “Mary Jane” eventually filed a lawsuit against Shaq for harassment which was later settled.
  • Shaq also hacked into the voicemails and phone systems of Vanessa Lopez, a mistress who also has a current suit against him.  Once Shawn found out about Shaq’s affair with Lopez, he reached out to her and she told him that she thought O’Neal was trying to break into her voicemail, deleting messages and changing her passwords. He found evidence that Shaq was doing so and told her about it.
  • When Shaq discovered that Darling had alerted Lopez, he allegedly conspired with active law enforcement as well as ex-members of law enforcement to frame Darling for a criminal offense and destroy any evidence that Darling might have against O’Neal.
  • In emails quoted as evidence in the lawsuit, O’Neal’s agent wrote on December 15, 2009, “got it he will be stopped n pay for this.” O’Neal wrote back “ok but in the meantime o boy needs to be put in jail, we have way too many law enforcement connections to let a criminal try to get over on mine o mine, we don’t need any distractions as we deal with Harvard guy, shoe line guy, restaurant guy, real estate guy and everything we are planning to do after basketball life…”

I am curious as to why Shawn would alert Vanessa as it was in his job description to protect Shaq right?? And Vanessa is the woman that is allegedly teaming up with Shaunie O’Neal right??? You see where I’m going with this?  I’ve always felt Shaunie reconciled with Shaq to load up on ammunition, again, that’s just a personal theory. But look at how all the secrets continue to spill and what they all lead back to.  Or, it could be as simple as a man’s libido taking him out again.