Say Goodbye to BD; Baron Davis Traded To The Cavs

The Clippers will set you up every time. But who really thought Donald Sterling forgot his early season beef with Baron Davis. And Baron did come into camp out of shape with rumors he was available for trade. But all that was before he was transformed via The Blake Show.

So what if Baron was protecting Blake and had developed chemistry with him.

Blake’s a star he has to start understanding this is about business, right?

In a move that really does little for the Clippers and separates Baron from his film production company Verso Entertainment, Baron Davis has been traded to the dredges of the NBA-Cleveland- for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon. So much for that BD motivation surge we’ve seen of late.

Oh well, Blake still has DeAndre Jordan…

Donald Sterling is a mess. But every few years, the Clippers slip up and have an entertaining team if nothing else. Let’s hope Mo works his magic QUICKLY on Blake so we can have something to look forward to.