Ron Artest, British Soap Opera Star?

Ron Artest likes his name in the headlines. He also enjoys the fact that basketball has allowed him to explore any area he thinks he might have an interest in. With the lockout in full effect and most players revealing their plans to go play in Europe or China, Metta World Peace is said to be in discussions with a team in England, the Cheshire Jets. While the British team can’t offer him anything close to NBA money (or what countries like Turkey, Greece and China are said to be offering either) they do have the inside track on getting Ron a role on a British soap opera.

I can see it now, the “semi-young and reckless”, as the “Basketball bounces”, “All Metta’s careers”… why would Ron ever want to come back to the U.S.?

Ron is said to be heading over to London soon to have discussions with the team.