Rich Paul, A Member Of LeBron James’ Crew Represents Cavs New Draft Pick Tristan Thompson

The Cleveland Cavaliers may feel they have found their next savior in Kyrie Irving but traces of LeBron will still be in the building next season. The Cavs had 2-first round picks this year and they also selected Tristan Thompson from Texas at #4. His connection to King James, he’s repped by one of the R’s in LRMR (that’s LeBron’s marketing company he has with his four horsemen buddies remember)

Rich Paul has been working at CAA under the guidance of Leon Rose. As to how he envisions interacting with the Cavs (and Cosmic sans font fan/owner Dan Gilbert):

“You have business and you have a personal side,” Paul said. “I never got into the personal side with that. Things happen. Both sides understand the magnitude of what happened.

Hopefully, LeBron and Dan can see eye-to-eye with each other as two men and move forward. I’m in the business to represent players. Dan is in the business of owning a team. That speaks for itself.”

In addition to representing Tristan Thompson, Paul also represents Eric Bledsoe (Clippers), Jonny Flynn and Cory Joseph.

Business is never personal right? One thing you can’t say is that LeBron’s entourage hasn’t maximized the opportunities presented to them. All “professional friends” should be this forward thinking.


photos via Wireimage