Rapper Dorrough Creates A Dallas Mavericks Theme Song

As has been the case as of late, a rapper has created an “anthem” for a team in the finals. Rapper Dorrough has created Dallas Mavs (Bounce Dat). The surprise here is that it’s pretty ok. My favorite is still when the Mavs did Power

With all the rappers that attend the Heat games (Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne… wait maybe not Wayne, he was salty that LeBron didn’t acknowledge him earlier in the season) I wonder where the Heat’s theme music is.



The again, the Heat are “Hollywood as hell” (thanks Joakim, the finals always need a bit of Hollywood especially with the Lakers out) maybe someone should create a score like for an epic film. How hot would THAT be!!

Side note, Mark Cuban has also created a viral video theme for the Mavs using Tupac’s California Love That is like Sacrilegious. How dare they! I’m offended.




Game 2 is tonight on ABC

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