One On One: Interview With Eric Williams Of Basketball Wives

Eric Williams is a 12 year NBA vet who spent time with the Celtics, Raptors, Spurs and a few other teams. But as of late, a whole new audience has been introduced to Eric via Vh1’s hit show “Basketball Wives

I caught up with Eric to discuss his In-Your-face attitude, The current status of he & Jen, what really happened between he and Sandra (Plastic Surgery from Season 1), What he thinks of Shaunie & Evelyn, reality shows and of course what’s next…

Jill: How do you like Twitter so far?   You seem to be enjoying it.

Eric: You know what, man, they should never have let me on that damn Twitter.  I’m telling you they should never have let me on that Twitter.  It gives me a chance to really voice my opinion.  It’s all good.  I like it.

Jill What took you so long to join?

Eric:  You know what, I don’t even think they wanted me to get on that damn Twitter.  I remember I got a Twitter page and Jen was like what you doing with a Twitter?  They didn’t want me to get on it.  I didn’t know why they didn’t want me to get on, but I see why, you know what I mean?

Jill: You know why!

Eric: Yeah, I know why, because that page is full of tricks on there, boy, I tell you.  It’s all good though…

Jill: …and they seem to be attracted to your realness.

Eric: Yeah, I like to talk, that’s why they call me jabber jaws. That’s why Eve calls me jabber jaws. I had that name for a long time.  They put me at a table with them, you know how they like to talk, I shut ’em down every time, you know what I mean?  All that quick talk don’t work with me.

Jill:  What are you doing post-career?  What are you into now?

Eric: I do a little bit, man.  I’ve got my own merchant services company.  We do all that credit card processing stuff.  I’ve got my own prepaid debit cards like Russell Simmons.  My prepaid card is a little different from Russell Simmons though.  My shit,  I’m like 3,000 with it because I have wiring capabilities.  You can wire from one debit card to the next using your cell phone.  Money in seconds.

Jill: Okay, so we won’t hear stuff about you going into financial ruin because you obviously had a plan, and you’re taking care of things.

Eric: All day long.  I’ve always got a plan.  So I took a piece of the financial sector and made it my own.  I kinda got creative with it.  What we’re trying to do now is online banking.  I just want to be cost-efficient in everything that I do.  I understand the financial institutions, I know everything about proof of funds and getting all these bank instruments to do what I need to do, so why not do everything myself…do online banking, being able to produce and give out any kind of banking instruments to my people…open up accounts with me, you know?

I do a little bit with commodities.  I do a little bit of gold trade.  I do a little bit of everything, you know what I’m saying?  That ain’t gonna stop.

Jill: Is there a website where people can get more information?

Eric: Yeah,  it’s  That’s the merchant services company and the prepaid debit cards setup.  I do mobile apps in New York City.  We build mobile apps.  That website is  That’s a mobile app right now and it’s in New York City.  Matter of fact, we launched in NYC eight months ago and we’ve got about 650 restaurants, lounges, and bars in NYC right now that’s using the application on the iPhone.

And what it does is it allows you to get a complimentary free drink from any of those establishments one time.  So you can thank me later for that one.

Jill: Let me ask you this, most guys wouldn’t allow their wife to be involved in a show like this.  What made you say okay?  That yeah, Jen, you can go ahead and be in the cast and I’ll be involved too.

Eric: I’m just supporting her, you know.  That’s still my wife, even though we’re  going through this situation.  This is what she wanted to do.  This is what I guess her friends persuaded her to do or she wanted to do, you understand what I’m saying?  I guess she saw an opportunity for herself, everybody does things for their own reasons.

I don’t know the reason why she wanted to do it and wanted to get on this show knowing my personality.  She know how I am, so…

I guess,  she really wanted to do this and she really wanted to be in that “Kim Kardashian” kind of situation.  Every now and then women after a while, they kind feel like they’re nothing but who we are, you know what I’m saying?  So I guess she felt like this was a chance for her to break out and do her own thing.

And I said okay, if you want to do it, you’re gonna do it, but we’re going through some real sh*t right now, you understand…so don’t think it’s gonna look all good on fuckin’ TV and it’s not.  That’s how we did it.  And one thing lead to another and that’s why we are where we are right now.

Jill: Did the show contribute to your issues?  I understand there were some things you guys were trying to work through, but do you think it made what you were going through harder?

Eric: Yeah, 100% because now she is distracted.  Now she’s doing this and she’s doing interviews…she’s doing clubs and getting paid probably $2,000-$3,000 to do some club sh*t.  Now she’s gone, she’s doing promos and she’s doing this and not really taking care of what’s going at home as far as our real problems.  Our problems are the same reasons why you’re doing all these promos, it’s because it’s a relationship that’s not going too good, you know what I’m saying?

So when you bring space and all that stuff in between and you’ve got people whispering in your ear and all this bullsh*t, then that’s what happens.  You don’t really get down to the meat of the problem, you know what I’m saying?  You kinda circle around to get back to it and then it’s not gonna be like that, at least not with me, you know what I’m saying?

So if this is what she wants and what she wants to do, by all means, go ahead, bless, I hope you’re successful in everything that you do, that’s fine with me.  But don’t fu**in’ string me along in these grey areas, let’s just get it done.  That’s my position.  That’s it.

I came across on TV like I’m fu**ing mean or something, but I’m not.  It’s passion.  This stuff has been going on for like a year and a half now.  So either we resolve it and then we move on.  I don’t wanna be apart of any rumors.  I don’t wanna be a part of no sh*t like that.

Jill: Are you guys still together or trying to work through it?

Eric: No, she’s doing her thing.  She’s been doing all these fu**ing interviews saying she’s done and she’s over it, right.  You don’t have to ask me, I already stated it to her.  So she’s out there doing all these interviews and sh*t saying that it’s over, so it’s over, you know what I mean.  A woman choose who they want to be with.  When they say it’s over, it’s over.  I’m good.  It’s time to draw the line, that’s all I’m saying.

Jill: Do you have any contact with any of the other ex’s on the show?  Do you talk to Antoine (Antoine Walker Evelyn’s Ex) or Shaq?

Eric: Yeah  me and Eight(Antoine) always talk. That’s the very reason everybody knows each other.  Me and Shaq grew up in Newark. Eight,  I got drafted by the Celtics and he got drafted right after me.  So, we was always tight.  We had our own company together, Walker/Williams …so that’s my people, that’s my boy.

So it kinda like hurt me that certain situations were being exposed about him and his supposed to be better half was doing certain things and saying certain things, putting muthafu**ers on blast.  But that’s a choice that they made.  It was almost like that’s the two-headed dragon right there, you know, one brain and one ass.

Jill: All right.  What are your feelings about the show overall and the ladies that are on it?

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What Eric thinks about the show, Is he thinking of a reality show of his own, the details about what really went down with Cassandra and more.  In the mean time, follow Eric on twitter @ericwilliamsyo

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