New Lebron Nike Spot “Rise”

I have a passion for the Nike Brand! Quality products plus the fact there are very few brands that match Nike’s marketing moxie. Placed in the position of having to market a “New” less “likable” Lebron, I think their approach and execution was flawless. All the boxes were checked, him going Hollywood, Abandoning the city of Cleveland and the Cavs organization, even his decision to involve his friends so heavily in his business dealings.

A great fusion of all the voices working against Lebron with a reminder of what the bottom line is in all of it.

Including a reference to the famous Charles Barkley spot “I am no a role model” GENIUS! And the doughnut bite, HILARIOUS! Just an all around well executed effort. Kudos to Nike and Wieden+ Kennedy

Here’s a little throwback footage of that commercial!