NBA Free Agency: Jamal Crawford To The Knicks? Jason Richardson Re-ups With Magic

NBA free agency is a ZOO right now. The latest rumor, Jamal Crawford returning to the Knicks via a sign and trade with the Hawks. The Knicks, who are now officially over the cap after the Tyson Chandler would send out  Renaldo Balkman’s $1.67 million deal, Bill Walker’s $916,000 deal and Toney Douglas’ $1.145 million deal for a collective $3.73 million in salaries. The new collective bargaining agreement allows the Knicks to take back 150% plus or minus $100,000 in salary, which would give Crawford a starting salary of $5.6 million.

Down in the Magic Kingdom, GM Otis Smith is doing everything he can to try to convince Dwight Howard to stay. The Magic signed their own free agent Jason Richardson for 4 years $6.25 million. But common sense says Dwight is out of there no matter what so what direction are they really headed with this team.

One last little item. The Golden State Warriors are about to be blown out of the water for the second time in two days. The team has offered Clippers RFA DeAndre Jordan a 4 year-$40 Million dollar deal. The Clippers had previously offered 5 years-$40 Million. They’ll match this offer. The Warriors reportedly turned down an offer from the Lakers (in their quest to acquire Chris Paul) an offer of Pau Gasol for a whole lot of Warriors youth. Looks like that was all in an effort to get Dwight Howard. It’s a whirlwind. Try to keep it up!

The circus continues its march through town…