NBA Finals Game 3 Heat vs. Mavericks Fashion [Photos]

I am absolutely in LOVE with this series. Even though there was some sloppy play in game 3, the Mavericks and Heat are a great series! Ratings are up, ABC scored the highest rating in primetime Sunday night with an 11.1. Game 3 is the second highest rated Game 3 in the last seven years.

Heat won this one by 2 points but did they win the fashion battle?? Check out pics of the Big 3, Dirk, Jason Kidd (he looks like a southern preacher in my opinion but heyyyy) Also, Terrell Owens, NFL legend, Troy Aikman, and more.

see what I mean?

Adrienne has been taking a lot of heat (tee hee, pun intended) for being a tad overdressed at some of the games. This was her look at Game 3, she also tweeted the following message with this photo


Mmmk, I still stand by my thoughts, she was overdressed at Game 1 but so… As long as you like it Mrs. Bosh, does the rest even matter? :shrug:

I don’t know, something about this photo of T.O. just isn’t working for me.

Check out the rest of the pictures: