NBA Fight Night: Lakers Vs. Mavs Plus One Partially Clothed Fan [Video}

The Lakers vs. Mavs game was definitely playoff atmosphere! 5 players ejected from the game and 3 fans were bounced from Staples!! The 4th quarter almost turned into NBA fight night part 3!! Shannon Brown was ejected for pushing Brian Cardinal this was AFTER Jason Terry gave Steve Blake a hard foul, of course Matt Barnes came over to help.

Mavs Assistant Terry Stotts attempted to grab Matt Barnes. Wrong move buddy, you get your own players. That could have gone very wrong had it been another type of player!

Jason Terry, Matt Barnes, Steve Blake and Brendan Haywood were all tossed from the game. Some lucky fan even received Matt’s jersey because he tossed it in the stands as he was leaving.

I appreciate the fire in the Lakers team right now. They’re 16 and 1 already in playoff mode and showing all the doubters why they’ll be 3peating in June.

But wait, there’s more! A fan (allegedly a partially dressed female) attempted to rush the Mavericks bench!!

What is going on!!! Can you imagine what it’s going to be like when/if these two teams meet in the Playoffs?? My Lakers dominated last night by the way. Gut punching the Mavs 110-82. The Spurs lost to the Celtics last night also. The Lakers are only 2 games behind the Spurs and they play again next week!

April 17th is when the playoffs begin!