Mixed bag: A Quick Look Into My Electronic Clutch

Clutches are my favorite. They’re versatile, can make an ensemble POP and hold all the essentials! Here’s a peek inside my sassy little electronic clutch!

  • Being with a Kardashian has got to make men feel invincible. Lamar odom is suing the IRS over a tax bill from 2007 for approximately $87,000. The dispute is over the IRS saying Odom could not deduct $12,000 in league fines and $178,000 in fitness deductions spent for getting himself in shape. He filed the motion himself on Oct. 25th and is representing himself. Interesting.

  • Tom Brady and Nike have parted ways. Next up on the sponsorship train for Tom, UNDER ARMOR. Tom indicated he wanted to join a brand that “shared his values”. Instead of receiving cash payments for his endorsement, he’ll be paid with stock shares. Pretty savvy for a guy who I’d expect to be more interested in hair care products at this point. WHAT?? You heard the Justin Bieber dis right?
  • Sick dunks ruled last night, 1st up The Knicks Bill Walker (who??) over the Bucks Andrew bogut

Then DWade Bashed on several Jazz players

Alas, the Heat still lost in overtime.