Mike D’Antoni resigns as head coach of the Knicks

Ready for the roller coaster ride Knicks fans? It’s just be announced that Mike D’Antoni has resigned as head coach of the Knicks (or it was a mutual decision.)

In the interim,  Mike Woodson will take over as head coach. With about 24 more games left until the end of the NBA season and the Knicks tied with the Bucks for the 8th playoff seed, the end of the season is sure to be crazy.

The rumors are that D’ANtoni was frustrated that management wouldn’t trade Melo for Deron WIlliams. Of course that’s unconfirmed but what was obvious, D’Antoni wasn’t drafting enough plays for Melo to have the ball in his hands. In order for Melo to be effective, he has to have the ball and Jeremy Lin can’t have a license to shoot at will.

Can’t imagine that will be a problem with Mike Woodson at the helm.

Damn, it was all good just a week ago.