Mike Brown To Be The Lakers New Head Coach

Looks as if the Lakers next coach will be… Mike Brown. The former coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers is expected to sign a 3 year deal worth between $4 million to $4.5 million per year with a team option for the fourth year.

I guess I’ll wait to reserve judgement, but honestly he is not what I had in mind. In an interview on Tuesday, Dr. Buss indicated that the team was close to a hiring and also stated that players aren’t consulted on hiring matters but they want the players to be happy with the coach.

Brown jumped into the front runner position because of his “defensive-minded” style resonated with Jim Buss, the team’s EVP of player personnel.

Mike Brown had five successful seasons as the Cavaliers head coach, including a trip to the NBA Finals. His record with the Cavs was 272-138.

I wonder where this leaves Brian Shaw? I had a feeling he wasn’t the one when the Lakers gave the Warriors permission to interview him. With Jerry West consulting in their front office, I wonder if that’s where Shaw ends up as head coach. Surely Mike Brown will want to bring in his own staff.I actually thought Mike Brown would’ve been a good fit for Golden State as that team is young enough to be open to what he brings to the table.

I also wonder how Kobe feels about Mike Brown. I know that Kobe is now moving on to the third phase of his career but he’s still the star on the Lakers team. Ready for more Laker land drama? Of course you are.