Memphis Grizzlies’ Hamed Haddadi Arrested For Domestic Assualt

“Domestic situations” and the Holidays seem to be developing a pattern in the world of sports. Last year it was Tiger which got “Huge, quickly” (relisten to one of those voicemails he left for one of his side pieces, :smile:) This year, The Grizzlies Hamed Haddadi

here are the details:

Police were called to the apartment of Hamed Haddadi of the Grizzlies on Thursday morning after a fight between he and his girlfriend broke out. because of the conflicting reports, both went to jail.

She told police the fight started because she refused sex. He however had a different version of the events. According to police, there was a dispute over a sexual position. They say the girlfriend ran from the bedroom into the bathroom, grabbed a soap dispenser, and then hit Haddadi.

The report says she was “extremely intoxicated”. Police reported seeing a cut on her finger, bruises around her neck, and a black eye.

Ummmmmm WOW! Ok.