Maverick Carter from Team Lebron involved in Gansta Activities??

The Lebron James Pendant purchased for $5

Earlier this week, a feel good story relating to Lebron James came out of Cleveland. A young lady named Vaneshia Robinson bought a rhinestone studded lebron James Cavs jersey pendant at a garage sale for $5.

After taking a closer look at the settings, she decided to take it to be appraised and certified by the International Gemological Institute, which said the diamond-studded, gold jewelry was real and valued at nearly $10,000!!

Wednesday, Vaneshia recived a phone call from Maverick Carter’s mother (yes THAT Maverick,  the CEO of LeBron James’ marketing company, LRMR and allegedly the driving force behind “The Decision”) Wait, why did he have his MOM call??

Anyway, Vaneshia’s presence was requested at Maverick’s home because the pendant was apparently one of a kind and had been stolen several years prior. She was also told Lebron would be there and that they were going to make her an “offer”. When she arrived at the home, there was no King James, instead there were allegedly 8 other people in the house who began to threaten Vaneshia and basically accuse her of stealing the pendant… WOW

With everything that is going on, probably not the best plan in thought or execution! I’m certain some sort of legal action will result from this altercation. Maverick might want to consider lowering his profile for awhile, seems like “they’re after you too Mav”. Hopefully this is all some sort of misunderstanding that can be sorted out quickly and quietly. Good luck!