LeBron James Wants Steve Nash and Jamal Crawford In Heat Uniforms

LeBron James is using Twitter to recruit future teammates. Best part apart it, since the lockout is still in place, it’s perfectly legal. Wondering who and what position King James is scouting for talent? Point guard.

LeBron hit up Suns pg Steve Nash- whose contract is up with the Suns after the 11-12 season (YES, I still believe) and Jamal Crawford. Crawford is an actual free agent who has a deadly three-point range and can fill it up in buckets when he gets going.

Nash’s game speaks for itself and could be an intriguing prospect. Nash reads the court well and knows how to find players on the break among other things. He and DWade together would be AWESOME… I wonder how salty Suns owner Robert Sarver will be once the lockout ends? Miami and the Suns were once trading partners but I wonder if the reported divide between the bigger market owners and the small market ones will show up in trading partners once the NBA is back in business.