LeBron James Late Night Twitter Message For You

Skip Bayless makes a few valid points about LeBron’s reasoning for heading to Miami. LeBron doesn’t want all the pressure, I think that’s obvious. I also don’t see what the problem is. Basketball is a team game.

When the Heat win the title, (NOPE, still not believing in Dallas) the MVP will go to Dwyane Wade but LeBron WILL finally have a ring. The whole point of teaming up is (besides total domination) was that when one has an off night, the other can be there to pick up the lack. I know some of you purist may disagree with this line of thinking but, somebody has to be Robin right?

King James sent a late night tweet:


Can you see LeBron playing like that two games in a row? I can’t but then again, that’s why he has DWade and Chris Bosh. ABC tonight at 6:00 PM PST for Game 5.