Lebron James Dinner Party Tour 2011

Lebron James turns 26 next week and of course he’s having a party fit for a King. The party will be held at Coco Deville in The Gansevoort Hotel (one of my favorite Miami hideaways). In order to ensure the experience will be one for the record books, King James has enlisted the services of a marketing firm to sell sponsorships for not only this party but 11 more dates across the country including an All-Star weekend soriee at STK here in Los Angeles.

While some are poo pooing an “over inflated Lebron ego”  for seeking out sponsors, here in L.A. that’s a common occurrence. How do you think the Awards shows can offer all those LUSH swag bags?? Did you think Oprah was PAYING for all those give aways on her “Favorite Things” show? Like it or not, Lebron is a “product” and people PAY for the privilege of being associated with top tier brands. Tis the world we live in.

Interesting to note that the plan is to take over Sundays permanently. I wonder how Miami promoters The 400 Club feel about this? $10,000 gets you in, let’s see whose willing to crack their marketing budgets open.