Kobe Bryant’s Right Knee Issues.

Lakers trainer Gary Vitti has come out with news regarding the status of Kobe Bryant’s right knee.

It’s not in career ending shape but it’s degenerating. No real surprises there, that’s basic biology. 15 years and a few knee surgeries will do that to you. But it is curious timing that information is being released. It’s important and relevant but is it a reaction to the moves Lakers GM Jim Buss is making?

Back in January it was revealed that the Lakers star wasn’t really practicing. the response then was, in order to protect his knee and avoid a situation “like last year”, the decision was made before the season to sacrifice the team’s intensity by minimizing wear and tear as much as possible.’”

Don’t think that worked out so well because obviously the team doesn’t push itself as hard if Kobe isn’t there day in and day out. Yes that’s what leaders are supposed to do but what about self motivation and injury. Guess that’s why the Lakers are at home right?

Jim Buss recently came out and said it wasn’t the best move not to at least let Kobe know before the announcement that Mike Brown will be the new head coach. It concerns me that Jim Buss didn’t think it prudent to notify his “franchise Player” that he had selected a Coach. No, they are not obligated to get Kobe’s input on hiring decisions but, if you’ve set that precedent in the past, you better have a contingency plan if there is a change in direction now.

If Jim Buss has plans to go away from Kobe, he should know that won’t be a quiet battle. As a GM shouldn’t you have a better plan than “I should’ve thought to do that?” Doesn’t that fall under the entry level portion of your job? If Bynum is “your guy” and you’re ready for the franchise and fan base to embrace that concept, how are you communicating that information?