Kobe Bryant Stays In Heat Arena After Loss To Work On His Jump Shot [Video]


Kobe Bryant is the ultimate competitor. After the Lakers lost to the Heat on Thursday night -I’m still in mourning of this lost, I had a bet with Chad OchoCinco on this game, Louboutins  for a year any pairs I wanted… my heart hurts by that’s a topic for another time.

Kobe stayed for more than an hour in American Airlines Arena shooting jumpers as the Heat staff stood around in confusion. Think this is urban myth? We’re in the age of camera phones people!!! Of course there’s video, Curtsy to our friends at Black Sports Online for the video:



Kobe was asked why he stayed out on the floor shooting jumpers, his reply

“I had some things to work on.”

How can you not respect this man’s dedication and work ethic!