Knicks Legend Allan Houston Celebrates his 40th Birthday

Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Former New York Knick Allan Houston held his 40th birthday celebration Friday, April 8th at Providence in New York.

Allan attended with his wife Tamara, also in attendance were throwback rappers, Chubb Rock, Kangol Kid of UTFO and Kurtis Blow. I know some of you have NO clue who those names are, not to worry, of course I’m here to help!

you have no idea how many answer raps this song spawned in the 80’s.

Allan is still crush worthy! Makes you long for the days of late 90’s playoff battles between the Heat and the Knicks. We might be making our way towards generation 2 of this rivalry! Playoffs start April 17th!!

oh, I have no idea the significance of the water on the cake. I’m assuming Allan abstains from alcohol.