Kevin Garnett to resign with the Celtics for 3 years- $34 million

36-year old Kevin Garnett has reportedly reupped with the Boston Celtics for 3 years- $34 million. Garnett had a strong run in the playoffs, averaging 19.2 points and 10 rebounds a game this season and 20.5 in the playoffs.Looks like KG may have taken a few sips from the fountain of youth. With the Celtics signing KG on for 3 more years at a little less than $12 million per year, one has to wonder where the Celtics consider themselves at in a healthy east. Certainly not in a rebuilding mode as discussed shortly before the playoffs.

Per CNBC reporter Darren Rovell, Kevin Garnett has earned $322,216,634 from the NBA not including playoff bonuses. That won’t happen again for any players.

Just a few short hours away from free agency.