Kevin Garnett Set To Endorse Zico Coconut Water

Coconut water has plans to be the next “thing” in hydrated refreshment. All natural, rich in electrolytes and low in calories, the soda brands have been playing close attention. Pepsi recently snatched up the O.N.E. brand and Coke has invested in Zico.

The Zico brand picked up Kevin Garnett of the Celtics as an endorser. The deal will pay him both cash and give him an undisclosed equity stake in the company.  The cash and stock options are similar to recent deals offered to athletes as another way to entice them to move away from the more established brands that can offer more cash but not long term business potential that doesn’t tie up their own capital. Andeal Dwyane Wade recently made with Mission Skin Care.

Remember just a few short years ago when Vitamin Water was an underground brand, Coke came through and turned then into a multimillion dollar industry. Why couldn’t the same thing happen with coconut water!