Kenyon Martin signs $2.5 million dollar deal with Clippers

The Clippers are serious about changing their status from tier two team to taking over the number one spot. The Clippers have signed ex-Nugget Kenyon Martin to a mini-midlevel deal for $2.5 million. The move shores up the Clippers big man rotation which as of now consists of Reggie Evans (great “enforcer type player, gets you rebounds but not a scorer) and Brian Cook (yeahhhhhhhhh, I got nothing).

Pending results of a physical, Kenyon will be signed today but there is another little hiccup that could cause problems. Because Kenyon signed with China during the lockout, his deal stated that he would stay the league’s entire season (mid-February to mid-March depending on playoffs). Except, SURPRISE he was unhappy and left early. Yesterday the international governing body FIBA  gave Martin a letter of clearance to return to the NBA but China is NOT happy and is trying to block the action.

Now THAT is some Soap Opera type stuff. We’ll see how this all plays out!