JaVale McGee Says Some Players Are Ready To Fold To NBA Owners Demands, Union Disagrees [Video]

Friday in Los Angeles, the NBA players Union held a 3 hour meeting at the Beverly Hills Hilton led by Union President, Derek Fisher and Executive Director, Billy Hunter. The meeting was to update players (approximately 30 plus in attendance) on the most recent labor meetings, apprise them of the plan moving forward and receive feedback.

Wizard’s player JaVale McGee left early but gave a brief statement to reporters outside the meeting.

“There’s definitely some guys in there who are ready to fold,” McGee said. “But there are some guys — the majority — who are ready to stand strong.”

Derek Fisher would address these comments later during the Union press conference.


“The person that spent the least amount of time in the room can’t make that statement,” Fisher said of McGee, who left the meeting early for unknown reasons. “He’s in no position to make that statement on behalf of the group. It’s obviously fair in negotiations of this magnitude that we’re going to have guys who have different opinions because we have guys in different positions.”

I think this is a fair statement. While I don’t believe JaVale meant any harm, it’s crucial to understand negotiating positioning. Especially as David Stern has taken his show on the road with the media. The two different approaches are interesting to watch and I’m curious to see the ultimate impact. The two sides come together next week to meet with a Federal negotiator.


Curtys to LA Times