Is Pau Gasol Playing With A Broken Heart?

Listen, take this with a grain of salt. Rumors have been swirling for days that the reason behind Pau Gasol’s lackluster play is due to a broken heart.

Allegedly, Pau’s girlfriend of two years, Silvia Lopez Castro has broken up with him and he’s sick about it. You know the kind of sick where you don’t want to get out of the bed, listening to Sade and eating ice cream straight from the carton love sick.

It’s possible, Pau has been a shell of his former playoff self. But it also could be that he’s burnt out or simply being out worked by Dirk. :shrug: I don’t know, I just need him to string together a solid game so that the Lakers can be the comeback story of the year in the playoffs.

Awww Pau, I know it hurts when you breathe right now but if you turn that emotion into aggression on the court, I promise you’ll feel better!