Gilbert Arenas Abandoned Pregnant Girlfriend… Again

Gilbert Arenas stormy relationship with his girlfriend Laura Govan has been well documented. Fighting over how dirty the house is, elaborate schemes to avoid being served with child support papers etc. It all played out in his blog and newspapers with his up and down career as the back drop.

With hopes that a trade will revitalize his career, it looks as if the Wizards weren’t the only thing left behind. Gilbert has cut off all communication with Laura Govan, mother of his 3 children who is currently pregnant with their 4th. Per Laura’s publicist, she has not heard from him the entire month of December.

The break up apparently happened around Thanksgiving. Gilbert was staying with his teammate Nick Young at the time he was traded, Laura was left at their Great Falls home “with no money to purchase food or Christmas gifts.”

On December 18th when the Orlando trade was announced, Gilbert purchased a same day ticket to Florida and told reporters, “I went to the airport and left. I didn’t have a chance to say bye to anybody. I didn’t even say bye to the kids.”

Wow, old habits die hard. I hope Laura has a contingency plan. 3 kids, a 4th on the way with no source of income doesn’t sound like the plan she had in mind. More trials and tribulations of the “Basketball Wife” lifestyle. Make sure you have a Plan A ladies (THIS should never be your goal).

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