Game 3 Eastern Conference Finals- Bulls vs. Heat; Chris Bosh, White Hot Fashion [Photos]

Marc Serota/Getty Images

The Heat may have just taken the Bulls hearts with this win. Chris Bosh played out of his mind, he’s endured a season’s worth of a slander, of course he’s feeling himself after that performance. Do you realize the Heat haven’t lost at home during the playoffs?

Bosh’s game high 34 points, let LeBron be a playmaker, he ended the game with 10 assists and 22 points. DWade added 17 points and nine rebounds.

Now, let’s look at “White-Hot Fashion:”

While I think Adrienne looked cute, this is a bit much for a game. And I LIKE stuff a little over the top but… yeah just didn’t work for me.

Savannah’s look, I LOVE.  Her stylist, Rachel is also Amar’e Stoudemire’s. She posted details of Savannah’s look for the night. She’s wearing, BCBG and Theory. Yes I see the Loubies and they work but I’m over it.


via Jose3030

Sammy Sosa. Wow. And he looks so happy…

Of course the game and the Billboard Awards were on at the same time. This is where I find a West Coast advantage. I can watch the performance clips on the net WHILE I’m watching the game. Win-Win!

Speaking of “white-hot”  fashion, Rihanna’s white suit for the red carpet ::dramatic pause:: I live for this. And the emerald ring… huge sigh!!