Friday Flashback: 23 Year Old Michael Jordan on David Letterman

The recent ban on a shoe with claims that it can make a basketball player jump higher made me think back to the 1st shoe that was banned by the NBA. The Jordan 1.

In 1986 a then 23 year old Michael Jordan in his 2nd NBA season appeared on David Letterman to discuss, his return to the court after breaking his foot, his banned shoe, the NBA finals and his other fun stuff. It’s a pretty interesting look back:

My personal highlights:

  • Jordan mentioned how the Bulls lost 5 games in a row when he returned from his broken foot and he thought it may have been better had he stayed on the IR list.
  • He correctly picked the Celtics to win the finals over Houston
  • Johnson Hair care was one of his sponsors
  • He said he’d be receiving his degree over the summer in GEOGRAPHY
  • The Bulls made it into the playoffs with a 30-52 record, this was also the season he scored 63 points in the Boston Garden

Johnsons Hair care products though? I guess.  Oh 1986 was also the year he and actress Robin Givens dated. :shrug: just a fun fact to throw in