Free Agency: The Update

“New York New York Big City of dreams but everything in New York ain’t always what it seems”

– The Dogg Pound

  • Even though we pretty much knew last week, Amar’e Stoudamire  became the 1st official Free agent announcement. 5 years $100 Million and no chance of the playoffs in site… YET and if you believe what he hinted about Carmelo & Tony Parker joining him at some point, perhaps sooner than the years in since the last Knicks playoff sighting.

Steve Nash showed a great deal of class wishing Amar’e luck in NYC. He stated via twitter “It was a dream playing with you.”

However, Amar’e’s twitter message to the fans was ummmmm interesting:

“I want to say thanks to all my SUNS Fans. Thanks to my PHX SUNS teammates, an the Coaches. I love you guys, sorry It didn’t work out. Gone!

Well ok!

Billboard at Madison Square Garden

So far that’s 1 correct on my off season score sheet.

  • Are the Nets a dark horse in the LeBron sweepstakes or could he actually decide to stay put? Is what the Nets can offer on the court more than what Chicago could? $30 Million reasons to thug it out with the Cavs. And quietly it’s being said the Cavs have sent word to the Raptors they’d be willing to work a sign & trade for Bosh… HMMMM and the intrigue deepens!!!
  • Where might Shaq end up. With the Hawks! Word is that they’re in pleminary talks about Shaq joining the team. This actually could be extremely intriguing for Atlanta. While Shaq is definitely not the Shaq of old his play might be just enough to help the Hawks advance in the playoffs. Atlanta has been lacking in Veteran leadership, Joe Johnson is clearly not the one for that task so having a personality like Shaq in that locker room could make for an interesting story for the next 2 seasons. Will place this on our watch list. Dallas is said to have eyes on Shaq as well.
  • Say goodbye to Jordan Farmar and more than likely Shannon Brown. The Lakers have locked up point guard Steve Blake with a 4 year-$16 million dollar deal. Derek Fisher, he might not make it back either. He’s looking for a 2 year $10 million dollar deal. The Lakers are thinking more along the lines of $2.5 million for 1 year.
  • Chris Bosh is a budding filmmaker (remember his youtube videos to vote him into the All-Star game a few years back) Apparently he & Dwyane Wade are filming the free agent process. Would the documentary be compelling if there was no tension & drama as to where these 2 finally end up?? Just a thought.
  • Dirk Nowitzki reups with the Mavs with a 4 year- $80 Million dollar contract. Word is Dirk left some money on the table so Dallas might be able to add additional top tier talent or at the very least, resign FA Center Brendan Haywood
  • The Orlando Magic give Chris Duhon 4 years $15 million… Ok