Ex NBA Ref Assaults Dominique Wilkins

Photo via TMZ

I have no idea what would posses Ex-NBA ref Rashan Michel to step to NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins at the Hawks game about an alleged debt but, I do know that his EYE says that it probably wasn’t the best approach to getting his money.

Rashan Michel's Booking photo

Michel, 36, was arrested and charged with one count of simple battery following the incident Wednesday night at Philips Arena, he told police he was owed money for suits purchased several years ago.

Michel claimed Wilkins hit him first. Michel said he approached Wilkins about his $12,500 debt.

Last night I went down and I was like, ‘Let’s handle this like men, work out a payment plan” adding that a security guard grabbed him, then Wilkins hit him (I guess that’s his explanation as to why his eye has a whole other version of events :giggles:)

The thing that is even more amazing is that after all of this took place, Michel then went on to TWEET

“I call what happened at Philips Arena earlier, Operation Repo…next time have my money!”

In another tweet, he decided to formally address Dominique. Well his Twitter  (DWilkins21), “pay your debts, poser.”

Michel was the youngest ref at 23 when he started working NBA games in 1997. He officiated NBA games until 2001, and later opened a custom clothing company.

Apparently Rashan is also, “about that life” but someone forgot to let him know that not to underestimate the the Human highlight film! Word of advice, just take it to court, your face says thank you!

Oh in case you were wondering, Hawks over the Magic 85-82. Want to see the video of the fight? check out our friends over at Blacksportsonline

** Update, the twitter was faux. Thank goodness!