Dwyane Wade’s MISSION Court Grip Helps Players Not To Slide On The Court

Dwyane Wade has a new product that he’s endorsing that might end up in the gift bags of those players attending “The Big 3’s” South Florida Classic next weekend in Miami.

MISSION Court Grip is the product and it’s purpose is to give ball players stability on the court from slippage. The $14.99 bottle contains a liquid that’s applied to the bottom of sneakers. Using pressure-sensitive nanotechnology designed to activate and provide grip when a player makes a cut.

Wade tested the product throughout last season with the Heat and says the product isn’t sticky.

“I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t think it helped my game. It’s not going to make you jump higher or better, but it will make you stable on the ground,” said Wade.

Wade is a partner in the company. Other athletes include Steve Nash and Serena Williams. I see more and more athletes applying the Michael Jordan model to more than just sneakers.