Dwyane Wade, Domestic Abuse Victim?

Dwyane Wade was in court yesterday as the custody hearing of his 2 children got underway. He denied several allegations made by his ex-wife Siohvaughn. Spending most of his time on the stand answering questions from his lawyer Jim Pritikin, Wade is expected to take the stand again on Monday.

“For the first time I have an opportunity to have my voice heard,” said Wade “It’s great the court has allowed me to (give it).”

Dwyane stated he never abused or abandoned his sons, denied using drugs or owning guns, said the custody case was NOT about avoiding child support payments and indicated he was a victim of domestic violence.

He also rebutted the charge that he engaged in sex acts with his girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union, in front of his boys.

He assured the court he only wants what’s best for his sons and would not let his career get in the way of that. He also indicated that at some point he’d like to have joint custody with Siohvaughn once she made several changes on her end.

Wade testified that a then-pregnant Siohvaughn attacked him and threw a marble object at him during an argument in the bathroom at the home they shared in Florida. He said that he “sat her down aggressively” on an ottoman during that argument to subdue her, but that she kept swinging and hit herself, resulting in a bloody lip.

He also noted Siohvaughn became controlling, argumentative and would lose her temper, once slashing his four tires because she didn’t want him to go out on his birthday.

He stated his ex-wife stopped returning calls, texts and e-mails and wouldn’t allow him to see the kids unless she was around.

In May, Siohvaughn Wade filed a lawsuit on the children’s behalf saying Wade and Union engaged in sex acts in front of the boys, which “severely inflicted the Plaintiffs emotionally and mentally.” It also claimed that the boys received “medium size gifts” from Dwyane Wade for Christmas last year, while Union got “the biggest gift of all.”

That suit was dismissed.

Wade said, flat out, “never happened” when Pritkin asked about the sexual foreplay. As for giving Union bigger gifts, he responded, “Not at all.”

Dwyane Wade was awarded “physical possession” of his sons in June by a judge, who found that an emergency order was merited because Wade’s time for visitation with his children “has been frustrated on an ongoing basis as a result of continual interference” by his ex-wife. They’re still living with their mother, though.

“I would like to see parents raise their children together, but I believe it’s in the best interest of these children that custody be awarded to dad,” said Lester Barclay, the boys’ attorney. “He is the parent that could facilitate a loving and ongoing relationship between the children and both of their parents. I just think there’s been too much interference with the relationship between dad and the children under mom’s watch.”

I really hope the situation is resolved as quickly as possible. Separated for 3 years with the divorce becoming final this past June, I’m sure the children need closure and some sense of peace regarding their parents.