Drake Gets Date With Doris Burke But Roasted By Durant & Draymond at #DrakeNight

The Toronto Raptors hosted another “Drake Night” for their Global Ambassador.  This time it was during their game against the Golden State Warriors.  The festivities included the crowd getting “6 God” shirts and other giveaways.

The man of the night took his usual courtside seat and was wearing an interesting shirt himself; on it was a picture of Doris Burke with the caption “Woman Crush Everyday.”

Burke is just about the most beloved woman in basketball; her skills and basketball knowledge is among the best in the game.  While getting some air-time, the Toronto rapper used the opportunity to invite the analyst out, “dinner at my house anytime, as long as she comes alone, you know,” said Drake. So what did Burke have to say? She accepted the invitation.

Though Drake was giving Burke a lot of love, the same couldn’t be said for Kevin Durant.  While the enthusiastic Raptors’ fan was cheering on his team, he stared down Durant who was sitting on the scorer’s table for a little while.

Durant, however, had the last laugh as the Warriors beat the Raptors 127-121, and he put up 30 points, 9 rebounds, and 6 assists.  During KD’s postgame interview, Drake walked by and bumped the former MVP, interrupting the conversation.  When the interviewer asked about Drake Night, Durant responded,”I don’t give a damn about no Drake night.”

During his postgame presser, Durant was asked about what it was like to trade words with Drake as the game was going on. “It’s fun,” he said. “When he’s in your ear and you shut him up, it’s even better.”

Draymond Green revealed that Drake had been “talking junk for a couple weeks now” about how the Raptors were going to beat the Warriors. He then slammed Drake’s outfit, saying he expected more out of him. “The shirt was nice,” said Green. “But his boots were so bad. I was dissapointed in his outfit overall. It’s Drake Night. You gotta bring better boots than that.”

It most likely was just fun and games because Durant and Drake are actually friends.  Drake often name drops Durant in his songs, and brought “his brother,” on stage along with Green during his Summer Sixteen concert stop in The Bay.  When asked about Durant’s move to the Warriors during his press conference Wednesday night, Drake said, “I’m happy to see my friend happy.”