Doc Rivers Reups With The Celtics For 5 Years

Doc Rivers has officially resigned with the Celtics. The former NBA player has agreed to a contract that will keep him in Celtic green for 5 years with a value of $35 million.

That makes Doc one of the highest paid coaches in the NBA. Of course that means he’ll be guiding the Celtics into their next phase. Expect to see more playing time for Jeff Green and look to see what direction the team takes as it starts building pieces to compliment Rajon Rondo.

Congrats Doc! I think teams have to almost completely overhaul every 4 to 5 years now in order to stay relevant. Other teams in their division or conference bring in pieces to counter (or in some cases mimic) the successful formula put into place so a constant state of evolution is happening from season to season. Change is good!

But having a consistent piece in the mix is smart business!