Dennis Rodman’s Hall Of Fame Induction Speech [Video]

photo via AP

Dennis Rodman was inducted into the basketball hall of fame on Friday night. Always outspoken, Rodman became emotional in his speech as he recounted how at times he wasn’t a great father, son or husband but when he joined up with four other men on the court, he found a safe haven. The impact of Phil Jackson, Chuck Daly, Jerry Buss and James Rich had on his life as father figures and mentors (his on father wasn’t really involved in his life. Dennis is the oldest of 47 children)

“I didn’t play the game for the money, I didn’t play the game to be famous, what you see here is more just an illusion that I love to just be an individual that’s very colorful.”

 Check out the full emotional speech:


Dennis also mentioned that Director (and former actress) Penny Marshall is shooting a documentary on his life.