Dammmmnnnn Bron, You just got Dunked on!

Even Lil Dez couldn’t have lined this question up for Puppet LeBron, “Yo LeBron, LeBron what would you do if a kid DUNKED on you at YOUR camp?”

Bron Gate! LeBron gets dunked on during his skills academy by some COLLEGE KID. And suddenly the tapes have vanished allegedly snatched up by the Evil Nike Empire in order to preserve LeBron’s image.

This is CRAZY that this is headline making news. 1 EVERYBODY has been dunked on. EVERYONE, if you haven’t you aren’t out there handling your biz. It happens!
I actually highly doubt it was Nike that issued the call for the tapes to be snatched up. That sounds more like an idea from LeBron’s marketing company. Most of his endorsements are winding down and while I have no doubt he’ll make even more money and get a ton of endorsements, if you actually look at, his marketing(LRMR) company has yet to broker any significant deals.
Maybe its time to go about the business of actually developing the brand of LeBron (Since he wants to be the first Billionaire global icon athlete) instead of just extending what’s already been there. That Blue Print seems to be wearing thin.
**Oh and as a side, Kobe made it clear at his Camp, there would be no dunking on him, no mercy! Here’s the link…https://www.slamonline.com/online/media/slam-tv/2009/07/kobe-camp-no-dunking-on-host/